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What workout equipment do I need for this program?

Having a fully equipped gym is advised, however every workout and movement will have "at home" variations and demos should you not want to step foot in a gym. You will however need basic equipment at your home to accomplish the goals set out in this program. See equipment list here (Link this).

What is your refund policy?

I fully believe in the value of this course and have seen this method transform the lives of all my private clients. However, if for whatever reason you are a unicorn and you can show that you did all the work, followed the workout, nutrition and mindfulness program perfectly and still did not get any results we will refund 100% of your program fee.

If I’m not ready to join this time do you know when you will be running this course again?

I have no idea when I will be launching this program again, or for how long it will run. If you are feeling the vibe, I would advise joining right now!

What kind of time investment is expected?

The course itself is self paced, so you can follow it along as you wish. You also have lifetime access to all of my knowledge in the modules and group, so it will act as a reference guide for you forever. The workouts will take 60-90 min and are done 4 days per week. I will be teaching you how to cook, prep and manage your food in a timely manner so you will also be learning to shave time there. Allocating a maximum of 6 hrs per week for everything included and you should be covering all your basis.

What if I don't have the time right now to keep up with the program?

You have lifetime access to all of this information. That means you can repeat it throughout the year, stop it, start it and do it however you like. Results are only guaranteed however when the 4 months are followed consecutively.

How do I access all of the workouts, lessons and meal plans

1. Workouts: You will be added to the Inbody Fit by Cam MacDougall Trainerize account and given all the workouts, videos and details on the app. Everything from timers to demo's will be available on your phone. 2. Lessons: You will be given access to the Inbody Lean Transformation course that will take you step-by-step through all the lessons, downloads and information on how to succeed like a total boss in this program. 3. Meal Plans: Through the Inbody Lean Transformation course platform you will be given downloads, spreadsheets and all the details you need to follow the meal plan outlined in the 4 month program.

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